What Is Living Under Your Home That Could Cause Foundation Issues

Jan 26, 2017

Categories: Crawl Spaces, Foundations

As foundation repair experts in South Carolina, we often encounter things living under foundations. Your foundation offers a dark and cool habitat that is inviting to many varmints. You know something is happening when you hear strange sounds coming from beneath the house. This is a sign that animals such as raccoons, rats, or squirrels are living under your foundation. The problems can become more than the smell. The problems animals can create under your home include health concerns from their urine and feces. You call it home and so do they and, since these animals are not paying rent, they must go.

While it is common for animals to dig under your foundation, there are steps you can take to prevent it from happening or to alleviate the damage once they have established residency.

Keeping Animals Out of Your Foundation

Don’t panic but the time to take measures to remove the animals is NOW. Take the following steps to prevent animals from getting in:

  • Fill the Holes. Refill any holes left by the animal. Refill with soil and tamp it down making it solid. This makes it difficult for the animals to reestablish residency without a significant amount of work on their part.
  • Chemicals as a Deterrent. There are chemical products that make animals avoid areas due to their strange or offensive scent.  If you have pets, this may not be the best option.  Your pets may be affected by the chemicals. Call a professional to spray any chemicals under your home.  By calling a professional, your mind will be at ease.  Not only will you be rid of the unwanted animals under your home, you will have peace of mind that the animals you want on your property (pets) will be safe during and after the application of the chemicals.
  • Trim Landscape. Trim bushes where your foundation connects to the ground. Shrubbery is a magnet for animals and it is only a matter of time before they work their way under your house and create a family.

How to Remove Animals Living Under Your Home

Prolonged animal residency under your home will erode the foundation. If animals are under your home, I would refrain from reaching in and grabbing them. The best advice is to call a professional to have the critters removed.  These professionals have the expertise and equipment and remove them. Additionally, many of the animals cause disease and the last thing you need is to be bitten or infected! Check your homeowner’s policy for coverage of the damage.  Chances are that your homeowner’s insurance does not cover this type of damage.

Why Choose CNT?

CNT offers solutions for residential & commercial foundation and crawlspace problems. We offer financing and a lifetime warranty on all work and materials. The importance of a solid foundation cannot be over emphasized.  The destruction caused by animals under your home can be an easy fix if done in a timely manner. Schedule a free consultation with CNT and leave the foundation repairs to us.