Improper Framing

Insufficient, poor construction is one of the main sources of foundation problems. If your foundation was improperly framed when it was built, it can be an inconvenient and dangerous problem as time goes on. CNT Foundations will provide a complimentary, no-commitment evaluation in Augusta for foundation repairs if that you are worried that your foundation problems are caused by improper framing. Call 864-210-5155 today to set up an estimate with our professional contracting team.

Improper Framing
Overspanning Framing

How do I know if my house was improperly framed?

The contractor in charge of building your foundation should have tested the soil to decide on the best kind of foundation framing and footing that would support the weight of your house. Your foundation will shift and settle over time if the soil below can't bear the foundation’s weight. Improper framing with wood that is too small or with overspanned beams (link to overspanning framing) is one of the most common reasons for foundation problems and needs to be analyzed by an expert as soon as possible. You’ll know that your home was improperly framed by when you see signs like:

  • Creaking floors caused by insufficient support
  • Drywall cracks caused by expansive soil below your foundation's footer or overspanned framing
  • Foundation settlement or shifting caused by poor support from the foundation footer
  • A cracked, tilting chimney caused by foundation settlement
  • Doors and windows sticking because of a shifting foundation

If you are hoping to repair or replace your foundation, CNT Foundations can provide a remedy for your foundation problems. Our contractors in Augusta will take a look at your foundation and provide a complimentary evaluation that will include recommended repairs. Call 864-210-5155 today and let CNT Foundations repair your foundation so you spend your energy on what really matters – making memories for the future.