Expansive Soils

Foundation issues in Augusta could mean that your house is built on expansive soil. Usually a soil rich with clay, this soil is one of the main reasons behind foundation problems. CNT Foundations can find answers for your foundation repair questions. If you think that your foundation sits on expansive soil, our accomplished team will take a look at your foundation and provide a complimentary, no-commitment assessment for foundation repair.

Expansive soil can seriously damage your foundation. Here's why:

Expansive Soils
A crawl space with hanging insulation and open sections of the foundation floor

Why is extensive soil so dangerous?

Expansive soil can absorb a great deal of water. Some areas of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Piedmont Plateau are made up of this clay-rich soil. As the soil absorbs water, it expands, pushing against anything in its path, including your foundation. Expansive soil can swell up to 10-15% of its dry volume and as it expands, it will caused bowed foundation walls or foundation heave if it is pushing up against your foundation floor.

This soil can just as dangerous for your foundation in the dry seasons because it shrinks as it loses moisture. Your foundation will suffer from decreased support and cracks will begin to form. These cracks let water into your foundation and weaken the structure. This cycle of expanding and shrinking can lead to foundation settlement or other types of serious damage.

What damage is caused by expansive soil?

If your house rests on expansive soil, you may see water damage as a result of foundation problems. Expansive soils can cause:

Expansive soils can cause many different foundation issues. The best way to stop expansive soil from hurting your foundation is make sure water drains away from your home and foundation so that excessive water doesn’t soak into the soil.

If you’re aware of foundation damage, contact CNT Foundations today. Our foundation repair professionals will take a look at your home and examine any issues brought on by expansive soils. Call our local Augusta team at 864-210-5155 for a complimentary, no-commitment assessment.

A crawl space with hanging insulation