What Causes Foundation Problems

As your home ages, wear and tear can cause serious damage, but foundation problems can result in a more severe breakdown that will hurt your home’s stability and your family’s safety. A strong foundation is important when your house is initially built, but other various problems may affect your foundation over the years.

Foundation Drainage: Insufficient drainage affects the soil where your foundation stands. Too little or too much moisture beneath your foundation can significantly change the soil’s composition. Look for standing water on the soil’s surface around your foundation. This standing water may be a sign of insufficient drainage or ineffective gutters which cause water to pool around your foundation as the landscape slopes. Sometimes dry, crumbly soil can cause your foundation to shift and settle.

Expansive Soils: Your soil depends largely on where you live, and it is important to understand the soil underneath and around your foundation. Soils with high clay contents are exceedingly vulnerable as the soil grows or shrinks depending on the moisture within it. An appointment with the CNT Foundations professionals in Augusta will go a long way in helping you to decide what moisture level is best for the soil and therefore best for your foundation.

What Causes Foundation Problems
A bunch of roots from a nearby tree that are resting next to the home foundation

Tree and Tree Roots: The trees in your beautiful yard may give shade and provide some escape from the sun, but the roots from those trees can seriously damage your foundation.

Improper Foundation Development: Who knows if the workers who built your home were lazy or just inexperienced? Either way, your foundation may not have been built as well as you’d like. Overspanning floor joists, framing or girders and improper footers may contribute to an unstable foundation and future foundation problems.

Getting Help for Your Foundation Problems

Your home should have a solid foundation to keep your home standing strong and your family well protected. At CNT Foundations Augusta, we offer complimentary estimates for your foundation problems to so that your home can be repaired professionally and efficiently.