What is Causing My Uneven Floors

Wood rot is often caused by humidity in your crawl space that decays the wooden support beams and causes your floors to become uneven. CNT Foundations will inspect your crawl space for mildew and mold and determine whether high humidity is responsible for the damage to your crawl space supports. We'll also check for dry rot, which is a common South Carolina occurrence because of our high humidity rates. Mold and mildew will suck the nutrients out of the wood in your crawl space and make it weak.

Your home’s poor construction may be another explanation for your uneven floors. If your home was built before 2001, was probably built with a spot footing instead of a continuous footing. Spot footing generally means that your foundation isn’t supported by one connective framework but by a few, singular spots that are expected to hold up your entire home.

Uneven Floors
Floor panels creaking upwards and outwards making the foundation not level

Gradually, your foundation will start to sink because of soil expansion. Your foundation may experience differential settlement, where parts of it settle at varying speeds, because it was built on a spot footing. CNT Foundations will connect your footings together into a continuous footing, so your home won’t experience imbalanced settlement. This will help to protect your home from uneven floors.

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