Spongy Floors

Sometimes, you may want to have a spring in your step, but not when it comes to the floors in your home. Spongy floors are very often a symptom of foundation problems. CNT Foundations' contractors can take a look at your spongy floors in Augusta. Our team carefully examines every individual situation to make a recommendation for the best solution. Call 864-210-5155 today for a complimentary, no commitment assessment.

What causes spongy floors? We know of a few causes:

spongy floors
A technician standing on a wonky board for the foundation

Foundation Settlement

If your foundation was built on expansive, clay-rich soil, those spongy spots in your floor are most likely caused by foundation settlement. When it rains in Augusta, the clay in the dirt expands, putting extreme pressure on your foundation. In the dry months, the dirt shrinks, taking support away from your foundation walls and pulling your foundation down. After a while, as the soil under your foundation repeats this cycle, your foundation will begin to sink.

Your foundation will also start to settle if the dirt it is built on wasn’t sufficiently compacted during construction. Over time, the soil will fail under your home’s weight and your foundation will settle.

And there’s more.

Poor Home Construction

Spongy floors can will also occur if your floor joists are spaced too far apart. If these joists are over-spanned, your foundation won’t be able to evenly support your floors. Bouncy spots will start to develop in your floors where there is less support because of this construction error.

There are more reasons.

Excessive Moisture

South Carolina's high humidity, plumbing issues, and water damage are all things that are not friendly to a wooden foundation and floors. Wood decay (link to wood rot) caused by moisture can seriously damage the floor joists below your home and cause spongy floors.

What should I do in the event that I have spongy floors?

Spongy and soft floors can be discouraging but you may not need to replace your floors just yet. If the spongy floors are caused by foundation problems, our team can help.

Set up a meeting today with our foundation repair professionals in Augusta. Trust CNT Foundations to keep your home safe, no matter what it takes.

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