Why is there Separation in My Trim and Molding

our trim and molding will separate from your floor and ceilings for a few different reasons:

Baseboards are isolating from the floor?

Loose molding and trim, sheetrock cracks, uneven floors, and cracked sheetrock are all symptoms of settlement within your crawl space. Your home could be settling because of:

  • Weak crumbling soil that can’t support your foundation
  • Expansive soil sthat gradually moves beneath your foundation water is absorbed and pressure builds under your crawl space floor
  • Overspanned floor girders and joists
  • Humidity that causes wood rot

Disintegrating floor joists and supports can also pull your trim and molding away from the floors and ceilings. Floor joists decay when there is too much moisture in the air due to flooding or humidity.

separations in trim and molding
wall crack

Stop separating in your trim and molding.

Separating trim and molding needs more than just caulk. Contact a trusted general contractor right away to find the best solution for your separating trim and molding.

CNT Foundations can repair your damaged crawl space in Augusta. Our estimators will come to your home to uncover the source of your issues and present several repair options. Call 864-210-5155 today for a free evaluation.