Creaking Floors

Creaking floors are not only a symptom of aging homes, and they are not just caused by time. If you notice that your floors are creaking, it might be an indication of a serious foundation problem. Our contractor team in Augusta will take a look at your creaking floors to see if they are being caused by foundation issues and give you a complimentary assessment.

Not certain if your creaking floors indicate that you have foundation issues? Here are some signs you should know:

Floor Creaking
Floor panels creaking upwards and outwards making the foundation not level

Why are my floors creaking?

There are a few different reasons why your floors creak. An older house’s floors will start to creak because of time, but if your house is relatively new, creaky, squeaking floors can be unusual. Creaking floors can start up because of:

  • Rushed or poor construction
  • Expanding and shrinking wood caused by the changing seasons
  • A beam and pier foundation, which can “give” more than a slab foundation
  • Foundation settlement that causes Sloped floors
  • Foundation issues caused by expansive soil in Augusta or other areas of concern 

There are a few different warnings signs of foundation problems that you can keep an eye out for if you suspect your foundation needs repair. Creaking floors that gets worse with time and increased bouncing as you walk are more symptoms of a shifting foundation or poor framing. Call our foundation repair team if you happen to notice any of these signs.

What should you do about creaking floors?

Creaking floors are just one seemingly-harmless symptom of greater foundation problems. At CNT Foundations, we strongly believe that creaking floors and the problems below them shouldn't give you nightmares. Call 864-210-5155 today to set up an appointment with our contracting professionals for a free estimate.