My Chimney Is Tilting

A tilting chimney is more than something that can detract from your home’s exterior. It can be a sign of an extreme foundation issue. If your chimney is tilting in Augusta, the CNT Foundations team can help. Our repair professionals will explore why you have a tilting chimney and offer you the best solutions to repair your chimney. Call 864-210-5155 now for your complimentary assessment.

Wondering what could be causing your tilting chimney? There are a few reasons.

What causes a tilting chimney?

Though your chimney is connected to your house, it is stable because of a chimney pad which is a foundation built particularly to sustain your chimney’s weight. This chimney pad is a concrete footing, and if that footing heaves or sinks, it can cause your chimney to pull away from your house which results in noticeable tilting.

What's going on with the chimney pad?

One possible issue with the chimney pad is that it's too small to support the chimney’s weight

A more common issue in Augusta is caused by the foundation under the chimney pad. Expansive soils that change when there is a lot of water in the soil due to heavy rains or the soil is dry because of drought. These changes can make the concrete footing sink or heave.

Varying causes may include:

  • Low-quality concrete which gradually deteriorates
  • Shallow footing that is slammed by repeated freeze/thaw cycles
  • Footing rebar used improperly
Tilting Chimney
A chimney that appears to be leaning away from the foundation

What can you do about a tilting chimney?

Usually, a tilting chimney in Augusta can be effectively repaired by stabilizing the area underneath the footing. Helical piers do this by being screwed into the ground below the chimney pad and providing support that lets us rectify a tilting chimney without damaging it and with minimal interruption to your yard.

At CNT Foundations, we can fix your tilting chimney, no matter what, so you can keep making memories around your fireplace today and for a long time to come. Call today at 864-210-5155 to make a complimentary appointment with one of our foundation repair professionals.