Sticking Windows and Doors

If you have sticking windows and doors in Augusta, it may be an indication of serious foundation problems. Sticking doors and windows are a warning sign that you should get in touch with a professional contractor to check your foundation for problems.

The foundation repair contractors at CNT Foundations will check out your unique situation and provide a complimentary, no-obligation estimate. We gladly make recommendations to repair sticking windows and doors that have long-lasting benefits for your home. We want to ensure your home is strong for years to come.

Unsure why your windows and doors are sticking? There may be a few explanations

Sticking Windows and Doors
Cracks around a window and a stairstep crack from the bottom of the window

High Humidity

As you live in Augusta, you know that South Carolina summers can be sticky and hot with excessive humidity. High humidity causes wood to swell with moisture, which can cause your doors and windows to stick.

There's another explanation.

Your foundation is settling.

Too much water in the dirt can cause your foundation to settle. Foundation settlement also happens if your home is built on expansive soil or if there is poor drainage letter water soak into the ground around your foundation, moving the dirt and shifting your foundation. Settlement is serious and can cause numerous issues around your home, like a sticking window or a door not fitting in its frame.

The walls are buckling.

Bowing walls are a sign that the foundation is unstable. Windows and doors stick in a buckling wall because they no longer fit in their frames. Bowing walls are caused by soil erosion, hydrostatic pressure, or tree roots putting pressure against your foundation.

What should I do if my windows and doors stick?

Some sticking windows and doors can be solved by replacing either one. However, contact our foundation experts in Augusta for a free consultation before you try a quick fix. If your sticking windows and doors are caused by foundation problems, it’s best to repair the foundation right away. CNT Foundations in Augusta is ready to fix your sticking windows and doors! Call 864-210-5155 today to schedule an appointment with our foundation experts. We will find a permanent solution for your home – no matter what it takes.

A stairstep crack forming at the top of the window to the roof