My Brick Wall is Cracking

Bricks are tough, beautiful, and can last forever if legitimately kept up. Cracked bricks might be a telling sign that your foundation needs repair.

If you see cracks in your brick walls in Augusta, call one of CNT Foundations' contractors to take a look at the situation and give a complimentary, no-commitment assessment. We have foundation repair solutions that will permanently benefit your home and provide protection to your loved ones.

Cracked Bricks
Stair step crack forming at the top of the exterior brick foundation

What do cracked bricks mean?

Cracked bricks can mean that something is seriously wrong with your home’s foundation. Small cracks and minor deterioration may not be a problem, but large brick cracks that are wider at the top than at the bottom are sure signs your house will need foundation repair. Be aware of these brick cracks:

Horizontal Cracks: Horizontal cracks are the most serious type of crack because they can be a sign of more troubling foundation issues. These cracks run horizontal to the ground and are usually a sign of bowing walls which can collapse if not inspected by a professional. Horizontal cracks can be caused by excessive pressure on the foundation which is usually due to expanding soil.

Vertical Cracks: Vertical brick cracks are a sign that your home is settling because of shifting soil underneath the foundation. If you notice vertical cracks in your bricks, keep an eye out for other foundation issues like cracked walls inside and sloped floors.

Stair-Step Cracks: You catch signs of these cracks running through the grout because your foundation is sinking. As time passes, the soil beneath your foundation will shrink and expand, causing foundation settlement which leads to cracked bricks.

What should I do about my cracked bricks?

At first, it may seem like you can fix cracked bricks with some mortar and time. However, cracked bricks are usually more than just superficial. Cracked bricks can be a sign of foundation issues that will eventually cause serious damage to your house.

Contact our Augusta staff at 864-210-5155 for a free assessment today. Our professionals will inspect your foundation and provide an assessment on the best way to repair the issue behind your cracked bricks. Let CNT Foundations focus on your foundation so you can focus on living your life.

A stairstep crack in a brick foundation