Bowing Walls

Bowing foundation walls can be an obvious symptom of foundation problems. If you see that your foundation walls are bowing in Augusta, you may have a few other problems concerning your foundation and your house. As they buckle and bow, your walls will start to crack, letting water into your home and cause serious structural problems.

CNT Foundations proudly works with construction professionals who meticulously look at each of your foundation problems. Our contractors will come to your home and give you a complimentary, no-commitment foundation repair evaluation. CNT Foundations provides long-lasting solutions that you can trust will protect your home for you and your loved ones.

What causes bowed walls? There are a few explanations.

a bowing wall before getting fixed
a cracked and bowing wall

Too much water in the ground.

Hydrostatic pressure can have a serious effect on foundation walls. Water within the ground presses against your foundation walls until the weight gets to be too much and the foundation walls buckle and crack. As the water pressure keeps pushing, your foundation will crack and bow. Excessive water in the ground is most often caused by poor drainage which results from:

  • Malfunctioning drains
  • Expansive Soil
  • Extensive rain
  • A leaking or burst pipe in the street

And there are other explanations.

Forces of nature.

As the climates changes, so does the soil. In months that are chilly and wet, the soil can get saturated with water and press on your foundation. In months that are warm and dry, the dirt gets dry and shrinks, which results in foundation settlement.

Tree roots also creep through the ground and press against your foundation, causing the walls to bow.

Gradual crumbling and wear due to age and weather exposure will wear out your foundation and cause soft spots that will gradually begin to buckle.

Walls that appear to be leaning inward to the foundation
a bowing basement wall

How do I fix my bowing walls?

Several different issues mean that there are several different possibilities for repair. Our Augusta team will find the best remedies for your bowed foundation walls. Contact our professional contractors right away, or your foundation could end up damaged.

Call 864-210-5155 today to schedule an assessment with our foundation repair professionals. CNT Foundations is passionate about locating answers for your bowed foundation walls.