What are the Symptoms of Foundation Problems?

Your foundation is there to provide support to your home's floors, walls, and ceilings, so it needs to stay strong As your local foundation repair professionals in Augusta, CNT Foundations understands the how important it is to you to have your foundation issues identified and repaired quickly. Knowing the signs of foundation issues at the outset can enable you to keep away from more expensive problems and repairs down the line.

Symptoms of Foundation Problems

You can expect some of these signs if your foundation is in trouble:

  • Cracking walls
  • Uneven doors
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Bowed walls
  • Standing water surrounding your foundation
  • Excessive water in your crawl space
  • A tilting chimney

These are normally evident signs of foundation issues. CNT Foundations can enable you to choose whether these manifestations are caused by foundation problems and find subtler issues like poor framing, or cosmetic problems such as disturbances caused by tree roots.

How to Survey Your Home for Foundation Problems

You first need to have a professional investigate your foundation. Foundation issues can occur often, so it's important to regularly have your home checked.

We recommend starting in your home's crawl space. Do you smell any musty or damp odors? Scan for signs that may reveal cracks in the foundation. Likewise, check for any indications of bugs. A cracked foundation can let bugs and other nuisances slip into your crawl space.

Foundation Drainage Problems

Methodically check each room in your home. Investigate sticking doors and check the walls for any cracks, especially around windows and doors. Take note of any uneven or slanting floor spaces.

Outside, look at your chimney to see if there is any tilting or cracks. Check for standing water in around your foundation. If you have trees close to your home, look for roots that may tunnel under your foundation.

Nobody knows your home and like you do. The professionals at CNT Foundations can evaluate your foundation issues and choose whether your foundation needs expert care. Call 864-210-5155 today to schedule a meeting with one of our Augusta expert contractors. Our team can provide an estimate that will ensure that your foundation continues supporting your house.