Slab Piers

Have you seen symptoms of foundation settlement around your home in Augusta? Slab piers can be utilized underneath your concrete foundation to balance your home and get your foundation back to its full strength. CNT Foundations has foundation repair answers for every individual situation. Our contractors will come to your home to take a look at your foundation and make a repair recommendation based on your needs. Call 864-210-5155 for a complimentary, no-commitment evaluation.

Let’s look at why slab piers are good choice for foundation repair:

Why is my foundation settling?

Foundation settlement is most often caused by expansive soil, leaks under your foundation , or poor drainage around your foundation.These issues all lead back to one common factor: soil that isn’t strong enough to support your house. Your foundation will slowly begin to sink, and you'll see some of the signs around your home, such as:

These different problems can cause serious damage to your home and they all indicate that your concrete slab foundation is sinking into weak soil.

Slab Piers

How can slab piers help my foundation?

Slab piers dig deep, past the dirt that can't support your foundation, and reach into solid earth that can provide better support. These piers can be installed throughout the year and repair your sinking foundation with little-to-no disruption to your schedule.

Slab piers can lift your concrete slab foundation back to its original place, fixing many of your foundation issues without the hassle of replacing the entire slab. Slab piers specifically address the issue of poor soil, bypassing the weak dirt and using the strong, healthy soil below. Simply replacing a concrete slab disregards any soil problems you may have, and your new concrete slab foundation will most likely end up settling against after the stress of replacing the first one.

You may wonder: why not just use foam to repair the slab?


Slab Piers versus Foam

CNT Foundations uses slab piers, not foam, because slab piers are proven to provide a long-term solutions where foam solutions like polylift or polylevel don't last. We have the greatest selection of foundation repair solutions in South Carolina. This means that you don't have to settle for any products that are backed by franchises but don’t have the same lifetime guarantee.

Slab piers are helical piers that are pushed through the concrete slab and attached to the underside of the slab. The slab will never rely on poor soil for support again because it has been transferred to better soil. Polylevel, or polylift, is a fairly new item in the foundation repair arena. This foam can be helpful for small, easy-to-repair jobs likes walkways or pool deck projects that don't require a lifetime guarantee, but when it comes to something as important as your building’s concrete slab, we install slab piers to ensure lifetime security.

Mudjacking, polylevel, and polylift are fair options if you need to fill the void between the soil and the concrete slab without reinforcing the unstable soil beneath your concrete slab. If your slab is settling because of soil consolidation or poor soil, mudjacking and foam products won't help. They will lift the slab back into place for a short time, but the insufficient soil will still affect your concrete slab.

Call CNT Foundations today at 864-210-5155 if you've noticed, uneven floors, floor and wall gaps, or doors and windows that are sticking around your home. We'll work in partnership with you to create the best repair plan for your settling foundation. Contact our team in Augusta today for your complimentary, no-commitment assessment. We will install slab piers that will keep your home safe for a very long time.