Should I Replace the Girder in My Crawl Space

The beams in your crawl space are supported by one main girder. This girder holds up the floor joists and can help to balance the weight of the piers. Your home may experience sagging floors or wall cracks if your girder is failing.

remove and replace girder
dry stack piers

Why Does My Girder Need to Be Replaced

The girder can start bending or failing as time goes on and should be repaired or replaced before the problem spreads to your foundation. Your girder can suffer damage in a few different ways::

  • Sagging or overspanned beams: High humidity in your crawl space can cause your girder to bend or sag. If the builder overspanned the girder when your home was built, your home may start to have uneven floors. Our contractors can fortify your girder with support columns to stop your girder from sagging.
  • Sinking Columns: Your house may start to settle if there are dirt floors in your crawl space. When the dirt sucks up too much water, or dries out because there isn’t enough water, the piers in your crawl space will experience extreme pressure or start to sink. Regardless, both situations will cause your floor to sag and become uneven.
  • Improper Framing: If your foundation was improperly framed, a majority of the beams may be overspanned, meaning they are too far apart to provide proper support. Your girder will start to bend under the pressure. CNT Foundations will remedy this problem with a new center beam and support columns to help support your foundation.
  • Wood Rot or Termites: Many girders are built with wood. Termites or high humidity can eat away the wood until it needs to be replaced. If your wood is rotting because of high humidity or pest infestation, our team can recommend a solution to keep moisture and other problems out of your crawl space.

If you discover that your girder is damaged, it may be time to replace the structure. Contact the contractors at CNT Foundations in Augusta to for the best solution for your house. - 864-210-5155