Foundation Repair Costs

Foundation repair expenses shock many homeowners because they have a hard time trusting a contractor they don’t know. Foundation settlement and other structure damage around the house can be exhausting but CNT Foundations in Augusta is determined to minimize any stress caused by foundation repair. Our estimators will come to you to analyze your unique situation since we acknowledge that not all foundation problems are caused by the same problem. Next, we’ll propose a no-obligation, complimentary estimate on our products and services so that you can consider every option before you make a final decision. Believe that our recommendations are solely dependent on what’s best for your home. Contact us at 864-210-5155 today for your complimentary evaluation!

Foundation Repair Costs
Repair Vs Replace Foundation

What does foundation repair cost?

In 2016, the average foundation repair cost from CNT Foundations was $6,250. CNT Foundations doesn’t start any job without providing a solution first. All of our repair plans are made with the understanding that the problem will be solved without wasting time, energy, and money. We don’t provide an estimate without thoroughly looking into your foundation damage to locate the source of the problem. Creating foundation repair cost estimates means that we look at different factors, such as:

  • The quality and type of soil around and beneath your foundation
  • Type of damage
  • Where the damage occurred
  • Foundation type
  • Services and/or products needed to finish repairs

All of these factors are taken into consideration when estimating foundation repair costs. Let CNT Foundations review your foundation damage and provide a complimentary assessment. Our contractors are committed to locating a lifetime solution for your foundation problems so that you can put your energy into what really matters in life. Contact us at 864-210-5155 today to arrange your free evaluation!