Build a Strong Foundation with Continuous Footing

If your house was built any time before 2001, there is a possibility that your foundation is built on spot footing. Spot footings cannot equally balance the load of your house but instead rely on individual piers that will settle and cause foundation issues. The foundation repair contractors at CNT Foundations are experienced and well-educated about repairing older homes' foundations so that they match current building code standards. Call 864-210-5155 to speak with our experts in Augusta for a complimentary evaluation.

Let’s take a look at why continuous footing is better for your foundation:

Continuous Footing
No footing under pier

What is continuous footing?

Continuous footing is a ditch that is usually 2 ft. wide and 1 ft. thick that is reinforced with rebar and concrete. Your home's foundation is built over this footing. If you see wall cracks over your main girder lines, it may be a symptom of the spot footing under your home rather than continuous footing. Your foundation is most likely experiencing differential settlement (link to foundation settlement) and sinking unevenly. You might observe that your foundation is settling if you have uneven floors, wall and floor gaps, sticking windows and doors, and more.

CNT Foundations can connect the piers together in your spot foundation to create one continuous footing and repair your foundation for good. We will then repair and recoup your home's flooring system. Call 864-210-5155 today for a complimentary evaluation in Augusta.