Foundation Repair Solutions

CNT Foundations understands that foundation problems have many solutions. Our company is focused on more than just fixing your foundation; we are a professional general contractor that puts your family's health and happiness ahead of all else. Our primary goal is to help you find foundation repair solutions that will last and protect your home for your family and families to come. We are proud to provide foundation repair solutions in the local Augusta area.

We have multiple repair options for your foundation because we know there is more than one way your foundation could be damaged. We address problems caused by expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure. We focus on providing a stable resting place for your home rather than on just repairing your foundation. All of our services are backed with a lifetime guarantee and we guarantee that they will remain strong for years to come.

Every individual situation is evaluated by our general contracting team. We make repair recommendations only after we’ve completely examined the problem and can work with you to provide the best possible outcome.

Foundation Repair Solutions
Cement piers installed inside a residential crawl space

What is the best answer for my foundation problems?

Replace vs Repair Foundation: Many homeowners wonder whether they should repair their foundation or replace the foundation and start from scratch. Deciding the best solution for your home depends largely on the problem, but replacing your foundation won’t address longstanding issues like weak soil or tree roots that push against your foundation. As a general contractor, CNT Foundations will repair your foundation as well as address the areas of concern that are affecting your home.

Piers: CNT Foundations has the best pier solutions for repairing your foundation. Helical piers screw into strong soil beyond failing dirt to even out tilting chimneys, crooked porches, cracking foundation walls, and more. Our push piers are superior to other, inferior products in the industry.

Wall Straightening: Bowing walls are a major concern for property holders because they can bring about serious damage to your structure if not monitored carefully. CNT Foundations will install wall anchors that bolt into the strong, good soil outside your foundation and slowly guide your walls back to their original, upright positions.

Foundation Support Solutions: Weak supports in your foundation can spell trouble for your home. CNT Foundations can remove and replace girders that are rotted and weak while also installing support piers to bolster failing crawl space support columns. If you to ensure the foundation is secure on your new construction project, call our contracting team to inspect your foundation so that it will be properly built and protect your home for a long time.

Foundation Repair Costs: CNT Foundations never makes foundation repair recommendations without first taking a look at every aspect of your home and giving a complimentary, no-commitment assessment. We are proud of the work we do, and we want you to feel good about your decision before you sign any paperwork.

Ready to start your foundation repair project in Augusta? Call 864-210-5155 to speak with a CNT Foundations professional. We promise to provide the best foundation repair in South Carolina.

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