Foundation Maintenance Tips

Jan 26, 2017

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As the premier foundation repair company in and South Carolina, we would like to offer ways in which you can avoid serious foundation repair company in and South Carolina. You will want to maintain the home’s foundation to protect your investment and these tips are intended to help you prevent costly foundation problems.

Inspect Your Home For Damage, Cracks, and Insects

You do not have to be a licensed contractor to take preventative maintenance measures. Simply walk around your home’s foundation every few of months, especially during the summer, and check for any signs of trouble. Plug any holes or hairline cracks as insects can hasten foundation destruction. If your foundation has cracked, get an estimate to determine how large the cracks are and from where they originate. It is always best to stop cracks when they are small.

Maintain A Consistent Moisture Level Around Your Foundation

In the warm months, it is important to water your foundation. While an underground foundation watering system would be excellent, it can be expensive. The better option may be to use a soaker hose to keep the dirt around your home slightly moist. It is best to install the soaker hose at least 3” deep and about one foot away from your foundation. Another option would be considering the installation of rock beds. Rock beds should be installed about two feet away from your foundation. These beds will allow moisture to seep into the soil around your foundation and prevent it from cracking.

Keep Your Home’s Internal Temperature Consistent

Maintain a steady temperature inside your home. A constant temperature will help prevent or reduce the foundation to expand and contract. Do not allow long periods of time pass when you are not heating or cooling your home.

Install A Good Foundation Drainage System

It is imperative that the home’s gutters are adequate enough to funnel the large volume of water during a heavy rain. Downspouts should be used to channel water 5-10’ from your foundation. In areas with sandy soil that quickly absorbs moisture, water can be channeled as close as 3’ from the foundation.

If drainage is a problem and water is standing around your foundation, have a surface drain installed. For smaller amounts of water, install a sub-surface drain.  Foundation drainage correction and drainage systems can help solve your issues.

Foundations and Large Trees

One large tree can remove more that 125 gallons of water a day from your soil. Plant trees away from your house. Planting trees at least 15’-30’away is a good rule-of-thumb.  Consult your local nursery about moisture needs and anticipated root size of any trees you would like to add to your landscape.

Schedule an Annual Plumbing Estimate

One of the biggest culprits in foundation damage is plumbing leaks. These leaks can occur in sewer lines, freshwater lines, and other parts of your plumbing system.

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