My Windows and Doors Are Not Opening Properly

Having trouble getting your doors and windows to open properly? Sticking doors and windows are often a sign that your foundation is suffering, and it might be in a place you dread to inspect...your crawl space.

Windows and doors that stick can be a major symptom of foundation problems. Our estimators will inspect every corner of your home and give you some solution ideas for your sticking doors and windows

Here are a few explanations as to why your crawl space could be making your windows and doors hard to open.

Settling Foundation

Foundation settlement more often caused by shifting soil or a framing issue than by faulty design and construction. Excessive water in your soil can cause your foundation to settle and move away from its original place. If your crawl space isn't fully protected from dampness and humidity, it can bring about wood rot and decay in your framing.

Foundation settlement is a common problem for houses as they get older, but it can also cause a major headache around your home, such as doors and windows that refuse to open because they are stuck.

What Should I do if My Windows and Doors Stick?

If you believe that your stubborn doors and windows are caused by foundation problems, contact our foundation repair estimators in Augusta for a complimentary assessment. CNT Foundations can fix any problem and your doors and windows will open once more! Call 864-210-5155 today to get a free evaluation.

wall crack next to a door