Intrusion of Insects in Your Crawl Space

Almost all crawl spaces have dirt floors. That makes them the ideal place for bugs and other pests to take up residence in your house. These bugs will get comfortable and start to multiply beneath your foundation. Termites will chew through wooden beams, damaging them so that your floors become uneven or you experience serious foundation problems. When bugs and other pests get into your crawl space, they will follow plumbing pipes or electrical wires into your house. Rodents and bugs love to infest neglected crawl spaces. Since many crawl spaces are a common feature in older homes, creepy crawlies are able to sneak in through cracks in the walls or the door to your crawl space.

Bugs In Basement or Crawl Space
An infestation of termites

Prevent Creepy Crawlies from Entering Your Crawl Space

Don’t be caught off-guard by bugs and critters attacking your home. The trick is to make sure all openings around your crawl space are sealed, regardless of how big they may be. Additionally, it’s important that you control the humidity in your crawl space as high moisture levels will entice bugs to set up residence in your crawl space.

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