Improve Your Floors with Sister Joists

Rotting floor joists or an overspanned floor frame are two things that can cause bouncy floors. Sistering floor joists is the perfect remedy for both of those problems. Sistering adds extra stability to weak floor joists by adding extra wood to existing joists. This process helps to reinforce your floor joists and give them additional support.

CNT Foundations can work with you to find the best fix for your bouncy floors and crawl space. We will take a look at your floor joists and find the right materials need for sistering joists and stabilizing your floors. CNT Foundations has the right solutions for making sure your home is secure.

Call our estimators today before your floors are damaged beyond repair. Call CNT Foundations in Augusta at 864-210-5155 if you notice that your floors are sagging or bouncing for your complimentary sistering estimate.

Sister Joists