Is It Time to Replace the Girder in My Crawl Space

A girder is the main horizontal support of a structure that has supports beams all around it. The girder is designed to withstand the load of the floor joists and evenly transfer your home’s weight between piers. Without the girder’s support, your home will encounter a wide range of problems, such as cracked walls and sagging floors.

remove and replace girder
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Why Would My Girder Need to Be Replaced

A girder can suffer damage over time and should be repaired quickly before your home’s foundation is negatively impacted. Here are a few of the ways your girder can be damaged:

  • Wood Rot: Most girders are made from wood. In high humidity areas like Augusta, that moisture will rot your center beam. As the wood deteriorates, you’ll notice uneven, sagging floors around your home.
  • Improper Framing: A foundation that was not framed properly usually has a lot of beams that are overspanned, which means they are too far apart to provide sufficient support. Your girder may start to bend under the weight of your home. CNT Foundations can fix this issue by inserting a new center beam and crawl space supports that will help lift your foundation.
  • Termites: These critters will bite into your girder and rot it all the way through. If you are concerned that termites are the culprits behind your foundation problems, contact an exterminator right away. CNT Foundations can come in as soon as the pests are gone to remove and replace the damaged girder.

If you observe that your girder is failing inside your crawl space, it may be time to repair or even replace your center girder. Trust the estimators at CNT Foundations in Augusta to come up with the best solution for your home. - 864-210-5155