Pool Deck Repair

Cracked pool decks are a dangerous tripping hazard. Resurfacing our pool deck can restore the beauty of your deck but the Augusta pool deck repair contractors at CNT Foundations look past the cracks to see if there is a serious foundational problem.

Concrete Resurfacing and Repair

A cement pool deck can be repaired and restored. The first step of any concrete repair is discovering why the concrete is suffering damage. The CNT Foundations Augusta pool deck repair and resurfacing team can check your pool deck for issues, determine what is causing the problem, and make sure the slab is secure before repairing it.

pool deck repair
A pool deck that is cracking around the pool and in need of repair

Resurfacing For A Fresh Look

Restoring your concrete pool deck with a cement overlay. The procedure fills in the concrete cracks and allows you to update your pool deck.

Pool Deck Repair

Pool decks need to be able to support the weight of your pool and foot traffic throughout the year. However, chemicals from the pool water and dirt around the pool can cause serious issues. Weak or expansive soil can shift and cause concrete slabs to become uneven. Calling CNT Foundations for Augusta pool deck repair can prevent further harm and a stubbed toe.

Polylift or mudjacking works for in ground pools suffering from damage. Concrete or polyurethane foam is inserted beneath the slab to fill the void and makes the slab level. Different situations may require slab piers or removing and replacing the slab if the concrete is crumbling.

CNT Foundations has several concrete repair, foundation repair, and concrete leveling solutions. You need a knowledgeable general contractor for your Augusta pool deck repair and resurfacing needs and to repair the cracks in your concrete pool deck. Call CNT Foundations in Augusta at 864-210-5155 today.