Cast in Place Concrete

Some concrete can be cast in place on new construction sites. This procedure considers the on-location build of concrete walls, rooftops, and floors. Concrete has been a critical material in construction for a while time and has maintained popularity for many years. CNT Foundations’ contractors can will expertly complete any cast in place concrete needed for your job.

Cast In Place Concrete

Concrete Casting Process

Before the cement is poured, the concrete needs reinforcement and a frame. The frame is built from wood or aluminum, creating a mold that will set the final concrete shape. The frame supports and secures the concrete system.

After the frame is completed, the rebar is molded and set inside the framework. Rebar can be molded to fit in the concrete and the shape that the concrete will take,

The cement is taken to the job site while it’s wet and poured into the frame by chute, bucket, or pump. Extreme care is taken when filling the structure to avoid overfilling or spilling out of the frame.

It’s very important to make sure the concrete cures properly. The concrete should always be monitored if outside temperatures rise over 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

remove and replace concrete

Environmentally Friendly Building Material

Cast in place concrete is an environmentally-friendly, rapidly popular construction method. The materials can incorporate reused materials and products, and the steel required for rebar is generally from recycled materials. The concrete provides insulation from outside temperatures because of the limited joints during construction.

Foundations and More

We specialize in more than just foundations. CNT Foundations has several remedies for concrete commercial projects. CNT can help if you need concrete repair for your garage floor or your warehouse floors.

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