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Commercial properties are required to meet specific codes and regulations. Trust the contractors that have 15 years’ worth of experience dealing with Augusta foundation construction and concrete repair. Our team will ensure that your property is safe and secure. CNT Foundations will make sure that you have the right foundation for your property, taking into account the soil status and building type.

New Construction
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CNT Foundations has several solutions in Augusta for foundation construction jobs.

Helical Piles - A foundation solution that can handle weak soil and limited access places. Helical piles are easy to install with minimal interruption to your life and your home.

Helical Anchors and Tiebacks - Similar to helical piles, anchors and tiebacks are bored into the ground at an angle, rather than directly into the earth. They can withstand tension from an attached object such as a foundation wall.

Helical Pulldown Piles and Micropiles - Helical pulldown piles and micropiles are helical piles that have been fortified with a grout column along the shaft, which lets them support a great capacity while decreasing friction from moving, settling soil.

Retaining Walls – Keep soil from moving and infringing on your property with retaining walls that need an expert contractor to keep them from failing.

Grade Beams - Grade beams are a type of footer used most often on weak or expansive soil and where a deep foundation has been laid.

Footings - Footings, also called footers or continuous footing, commonly stabilize foundations by bearing the weight of your foundation evenly across many pressure points.

Slabs - Concrete slabs for commercial construction often require a stronger concrete mixture and heavier fortification because of the increased load that some commercial spaces have.

CMU Piers - Concrete masonry units are cement blocks that have been mortared together and have been strengthened with rebar and concrete.

CMU Walls - CMU walls are frequently used to build commercial properties since they are widely available, relatively easily to install, and heat-resistant. Concrete masonry units are fortified with rebar and laid to match your structure’s design.

Cast in Place Concrete - Cast in place concrete allows contractors to build floors, walls, and rooftops on-site. Molds create the shape of the structure at the building site.

Underpinning - When a structure is expanded by a wing or additional story but the foundation isn’t strong enough to support the add-ons, this deep foundation solution can be performed with piles or micropiles.

Remove and Replace Concrete - CNT Foundations can remove aged slabs from your commercial property. We work hard to ensure that your new or existing concrete is fully level.Other Services

Other Services

CNT Foundations provides several foundation and concrete services. We believe it is only a problem if it does not have a solution.

If you are in Augusta and experiencing foundation construction problems or require concrete constractors on your commercial property, call CNT Foundations at 864-210-5155