Remove and Replace Concrete

You may need to get rid of concrete that is no longer viable in order to take proper care of your commercial property. Uneven, broken concrete can rapidly become hazardous for your employees and any clients. Whether you need to repair a cracked piece of concrete or remove the entire, ruined concrete slab and start over, CNT Foundations will come to your rescue. Our contractors are pros at removing and replacing concrete for different commercial projects.

remove and replace concrete
Commercial Concrete Leveling

Cracked and Crumbling Concrete

Almost every business depends on concrete. Typical age and wear, alongside tree roots and eroding soil, can cause serious harm to concrete slabs. After a while, concrete will start to crumble and crack. CNT Foundations can take away the failed, damaged concrete and replace it with new, stable concrete. Old cement from the previous concrete slab can be reused and broken up into small pieces to be used in the new concrete mix.

In some cases, your uneven concrete can be repaired with concrete leveling which lifts the concrete back into place, smoothing and leveling the surface once again. The CNT Foundations contractors will inspect your concrete and decide whether it’s salvageable or if the entire concrete slab needs to be replaced.

Removing Unwanted Concrete

If you are updating your landscaping, you may want for any existing concrete slabs on your property to be removed. If you need concrete taken off your property, call a the number on general contractor is South Carolina. Concrete can be overwhelming and difficult to move if you don't have the experience or right tools. CNT Foundations can expertly remove old concrete or cement pieces with minimal disruption to your schedule and your company.

Let CNT Foundations repair or remove your old concrete with our professional concrete repair and removal services. Contact the foundation and concrete professionals at CNT Foundations, your best choice in South Carolina for crawl space and foundation repair in Augusta at 864-210-5155.