Commercial Foundation Repair

Age, poor construction, and unstable soil are all reasons that your foundation could be failing. Bowed foundation walls, sunken concrete, and foundation settlement are all signs that point to the need for expert foundation repair for your commercial property.

CNT Foundations has exceptional foundation repair services designed for the stress placed on commercial properties. Our team can find the problem behind your foundation issues and introduce the correct remedy that will support your foundation and secure the building for years to come.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Causes of Foundation Issues

Soil settlement can cause your foundation to take on extra weight without providing the support your foundation needs to maintain a proper level surface. These foundation issues can be remedied with a below-ground foundation system that lifts your foundation back to level while getting support from strong soil or bedrock below the weaker soil.

Technicians working beneath a structure to level the foundation

Signs Of A Failing Foundation

As foundations age, they experience damage from various problems surrounding the foundation. You may notice:

  • Warping - Bowing, leaning, and splitting walls are obvious symptoms of foundation problems. As a foundation experiences failure, your building’s walls will take the brunt of the structure’s weight and experience pressure that causes cracked and distorted walls.
  • Uneven Floors - A cracked concrete floor is an obvious sign that your property’s foundation is settling. If your floors are uneven, contact CNT Foundations to decide whether concrete leveling  is the best course of action for your property.

Reliable Foundation Repair

CNT Foundations is happy to address your foundation problems. Our contractors can repair your foundation and concrete, securing and stabilizing your commercial property with a strong, dependable foundation.

CNT Foundations offers several commercial foundation repair and concrete solutions. To discuss options with our estimators, call the best contractors on the East Coast for foundation and crawl space repair in Augusta at 864-210-5155.