Commercial Foundation Services

If you see cracks in your warehouse floor or your property is suffering from foundation settlement, you deserve the best foundation repair services for your business. CNT's Augusta commercial foundation repair service can inspect, restore, and repair your foundation to your utmost satisfaction.

Commercial foundations go through consistent activity in addition to the added weight of stock and hardware. Commercial structures are required to meet certain guidelines and regulations to ensure clients and workers stay safe. Our team is experienced in a wide variety of foundation issues and we can help you find the best foundation repair solution for your business.

If you observe cracked concrete, bowing walls, uneven floors, foundation settlement, or other signs that your structure is failing, contact CNT Foundations right away.


Foundation Repair Services

CNT's Augusta commercial foundation repair team understands how important your company is to you. We work quickly to get you back to business as soon as possible. Since every foundation situation is unique, we carefully inspect every property to find the best foundation repair option.

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Crawl Space Repair

Crawl spaces are greatly affected by time and weather. Where in-ground foundations get exposed to ground water and expansive soil, crawl spaces experience damage caused by flooding, pests, poor construction, moisture, time, and climate. One weak point in your crawl space can cause the whole structure to become uneven, shifting everything until your floors separate from the walls and your walls start to bow.

Crawl space repair is one of our many commercial solutions. CNT Foundations can inspect your crawl space, keeping an eye out for moisture problems, rot, and other signs that show your structure is unstable. We have the right tools and years of experience with Augusta commercial foundation repairs, so we know how to repair your crawl space the right way.

Solar Panel Foundations

Solar power is gaining popularity in the commercial world. Every unique solar panel installation requires a professional who pays attention to your foundation and the rest of your building.

Helical Piers Prefered in Solar Panel Installation

Helical Piers are quickly becoming a preferred foundation system for solar panels because of their many advantages over concrete and steel. Helical Piers are easier to install because they are suitable for several soil types, can withstand extreme temperatures, do not require soil displacement or de-vegetation, and require no pre-site preparation. Factors such as soil type, slope and the size of the system will affect the kind of foundation needed for your solar panels. CNT Foundations can determine the best foundation construction solution for your Augusta area ground mount.

New Construction

Building a new commercial property is exciting and stressful. Trust the commercial foundation experts with CNT Foundations to install your new commercial building foundation. We evaluate and inspect the soil condition and type before installation, making sure that your foundation can stand up to possible groundwater, soil erosion, and soil expansion. We are a team and our goal is to work well and effectively with others on all of our commercial projects.

For professional foundation repair and restoration for your commercial property, contact CNT Foundations in Augusta at 864-210-5155.

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