What is Causing My Bouncy Floors

Are glasses shaking in their cupboard when you walk over your floors? Your floors may not have enough support, causing an unnerving bounce. At CNT Foundations, we will take a look at the problem and work to find the best solution for your floors. We have the knowledge needed to introduce sistering joists, create additional support piers, or replace a failing girder. No matter what, our team in Augusta will help stop the bounce in your floors.

spongy floors
sloped floors

How to Fix Bouncy Floors

A bouncy floor can be remedied a few different ways. Your crawl space has limited space, but you can try to stop bouncing floors by:

  • Fixing rotted floor frames
  • Adding additional piers and support pillars

CNT has many different options available to fix the bounce in your floor. Our contractors will help you find an answer that best fits your unique situation. Call 864-210-5155 today for a complimentary repair assessment and stop your bouncy floors.